Cheap Nick Lachey’s $14 Tip On $1,100 Restaurant Bill

The Enquirer reports that when Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees star hubby had a two-hour lunch at posh restaurant The Ivy in Los Angeles, “they ordered everything under the sun — appetizers, seafood salads, steak, dessert and a couple of bottles of champagne,” said a source. “They had the entire wait staff catering to their every need. And the bill came to $1,100! When it came time to pay, Jessica went to put down what she thought to be a tip worthy of the bill. But Nick flipped and told her, ‘That’s too much! We have to cut corners somewhere.’ And he left a $14 tip. The waiters and manager couldn’t believe they left such a small tip!”

Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Attend Burberry Show

September 19, 2003 – Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees were in attendance for the Burberry Spring/Summer 2004 Collection show at Fashion Week in New York on Thursday (September 18).

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11 thoughts on “Cheap Nick Lachey’s $14 Tip On $1,100 Restaurant Bill

  1. hotstuff says:

    Timeberlake is a cheap skate, he makes tons of money of of little girls screaming the sh*t out of themselves. you can’t blame Nick, 98 hasn’t had a hit in a while, he’s new disc bombed, no endorsements so he’s basically living of his wife’s body and her ability to play dumb.

  2. Julie816 says:

    That’s stupid. There’s a basic law for tipping which is ten to fifteen percent of what you spend. If they were going to tip, it should have been a hundred dollars.

  3. brandi_321 says:

    um, excuse me, but the “basic law”, as you say, for tipping is 15 to 20 percent. looks like Nick isn’t the only cheap one!

  4. popnicklover says:

    C’mon, guys! This is from the Enquirer! Are you gonna believe EVERYTHING you read?! I’m sorry, but this is some of the biggest bull crap I’ve read in a while! They had the WHOLE wait staff catering them?! Um, nice try, but I HIGHLY doubt that! I don’t even think the whole staff is allowed to cater one party at a restaurant.

  5. I_heart_elgato says:

    Hey Smart Guys, Why don’t you wait for Nicks album to actually be RELEASED before you call it a bomb. I don’t think anyone can have and album bomb before it’s released….unless your name is Nick Carter. And this is the Enquirer.

  6. HoneyRain says:

    of course he has to be cheap cause his dumbass wife spends all the money they DON’T have.. (especially since both their albums are flops and their music careers are down the drain).. 14 DOLLARS?? LMAO.. I’VE given a bigger tip than that before and I’m broke as hell

  7. mslin says:

    Geez…..I really hope that’s not true, a tip is supposed to be 15%.

  8. PandaBear2003 says:

    Nick’s album hasn’t been released yet so NO it DID NOT BOMB YET! Get your facts right if you want to attack the guy.

    Oh this story NEVER happened. This is Joe Simpson’s latest attempt to TRY and make Nick look bad because his plan on ruining Nick with the damn reality show is blowing up in his face. Nick is NOT coming off as badly as his own child is.

  9. dodobird says:

    So he left a 1% tip??? I tip more than that and I don’t even have a job!!! If Nick’s gonna cut corners, he should cut that stupid wife of his. ugh

  10. musikluver says:

    10 to 15% is normal if you go to Applebees or Chilis.. when you go to a nice restaurant like that it should be 20% or more… you are WELL taken care of by MANY people…. no matter who you are… anyway if a bill ran that high and someone left a tip like that the manager would not let them get away with that.. in some cases the gratuity would be added in with it being such a large bill…. we ate at the Palm restaurant in Atlanta and the bill was $587.00 and we left a $160.00 tip.. but it was worth it.. and they deserved it.. he should be ashamed if this is true… but then again.. he’s working his a$s off and nobody will spend $14.00 on his cd… so how does it feel NICK!

  11. PandaBear2003 says:

    does it really matter if its been released? have you read the reviews? he sucks! And reviewers are always correct? I know countless movies the reviewers said sucked and they ended up being box office SMASH HITS!

    You’re a psychic and can predict his album will bomb? And for your information by the time his album will be released it’ll be less than $14 since Universal is dropping all albums starting Oct 1. And THIS IS WHY THIS ARTICLE IS BULL, EXPENSIVE PLACES DO have the tip CALCULATED into the prices of EACH ITEM ORDERED and it’s stated on the menu PRICES REFLECT INCLUDED GRATUITY! which means he was NOT REQUIRED TO ADD anything else. So this article is a bunch of crap

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