Chelsea King’s Parents Speak At Owl City’s San Diego Concert

Singer Owl City

During the concert in San Diego at Soma on Thursday (April 8), Chelsea King was honored with her parents coming on stage during his performance. The singer told his MySpace friends the next day, “Last night was one of the most moving moments of the first two years of Owl City. I will never forget the feeling as we stood by Brent and Kelly King, in memoriam of their daughter Chelsea. As we all stood on stage, in tears, to an audience of friends and family, I realized that music has the power to make change – and to move people to do good. Owl City stands by Brent and Kelly in their effort to spread Chelsea’s Light across the globe.”

The body of 17-year-old Chelsea was found five days after she vanished on February 25th on a run in a San Diego park. Convicted sex offender John Albert Gardner III has been charged with her murder. Help Owl City reach his goal to help Chelsea’s Light gain 100,000 “Changemakers” by this coming Monday morning by becoming a fan at

Watch the touching moment via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Chelsea King’s Parents Speak At Owl City’s San Diego Concert

  1. Richard Ickes says:

    Chelsea has made a difference in the world, But I’m sure she could have done more alive. Animals like Gardner must be put to sleep. He would never do in his sick life what Chelsea would have done. The day a young girl can’t go for a run in a beautiful park without being rapped and murdered and thrown away life garbage in the dirt, ( like the other girl also) has to be changed. These sick animals need to be executed so the next girl that wants to go for a run will not be murdered like her and many others. Gods speed Chelsea.

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