Cher Brands Madonna A Copycat

Cher 'Alive Again'

Cher, who recently turned 60, is quoted by the UK newspaper Metro saying: “I look at and think “Nice try dear, but you’re not doing anything I didn’t do 20 ago.” Read more, including comments by Paris Hilton, here.


May 28, 2006 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports caught up with Vegas based impersonators Kenneth Blake and Jimmy Emerson for their insight on what makes the Material Girl tick. “Madonna told everyone, two weeks ago on the BBC, that she’s a gay man in a woman’s body,” Blake says. “She’s a boy and a girl, all wrapped up into one.” Emerson added, “What makes Madonna Madonna is that whatever she does sticks in peoples’ minds.”

Madonna’s Album Clears 7 Million Units

May 27, 2006 – Pop Queen Madonna’s latest album, ‘Confessions on a Dancefloor’ has recently surpassed the 7 million mark in units sold. The #1 album has had two singles released so far, the worldwide #1’s ‘Hung Up’ and ‘Sorry’. ‘Get Together’ has been announced as the next single.

Madonna’s ‘Confessions’ Concert: Good, If Over The Top

May 25, 2006 – Syndicated columnist Liz Smith commented on the opening of Madonna’s world tour the other night in Inglewood. “Even if you are not especially a Madonna fan, I defy anybody to watch this woman work for two hours onstage and come away unimpressed,” she writes. “Madonna is determined to tattoo her vision onto her audience and make them think whether they want to or not. She is equally passionate that her fans get the very best of her, doing what they want to see her do.”

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12 thoughts on “Cher Brands Madonna A Copycat

  1. opa says:

    I can’t believe Cher would say that. Although Cher is really big and famous she hasn’t been around much and Madonna just keeps on going, so who is she to say anything.

  2. Charlie says:

    actually Cher has been out longer then Madonna , and Cher is 63 and still doing sold out concert in Las Vegas so she can say what she wants

  3. gobbit says:

    lol Cher was around years before Madonna she’s been going longer then Madonna since the 60’s Madonna was the 80’s. really you should do some research she might not be as big as Madonna now cause she’s not all oh look at me I’m Madonna everyone has to love me but in her time she was just as big as Madonna :)

  4. Victor says:

    I think Cher’s been alive for too damn long. She’s just jealous she’s only sold 100 mil. albums in her 45-year career and Madge has sold 225 mil. in her 25-year career.

    She shouldn’t say sh**. But watch, the moment Madonna says something it’s a federal case.

  5. lindsay says:

    every single pop star on the planet is inspired by MADONNA! Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga… I could go on and on and on! Cher may have been around longer, but she has not changed pop culture the Madonna has! not even close! I even remember in the 80s all the Madonna wannabes with the fishnets, crucifixes, and ripped shirts, and jelly bracelets. remember the first MTV awards with her in the wedding dress? she’s a fashion icon and one of the most innovative, provocative, fascinating artists of ALL time and Cher is clearly jealous of that!

  6. thomas hall says:

    Cher is a better singer actress and just a nicer person than Madonna don’t get me wrong I have all Madonna’s albums but there would be no Madonna without Cher

  7. KC says:

    “I think Cher’s been alive for too damn long. She’s just jealous she’s only sold 100 mil. albums in her 45-year career and Madge has sold 225 mil. in her 25-year career.”

    Something tells me Cher could care less about record sales. She probably couldn’t even tell you how many records she or Madonna sold. Jealous? I don’t think so.

  8. Nikky m says:

    Oh please, Madonna kicks Cher’s F–king ugly slutty plastic ass to the floor. Comparing Madonna to something as hideous as Cher is like comparing The Beatles to The Monkeys. Cher should just crawl Back under the hole that that she was birthed in and die. lol.

  9. Dan W says:

    Madonna may have sold more records but don’t forget, Cher didn’t have MTV to promote her records either. Madonna is a Cher copycat as well as copying Marylin Monroe and a few others. Each generation copies from the other.

  10. Jamie says:

    Madonna is a copy-cat her whole career is based of ripping off, and not being inspired but just blatantly ripping off.

  11. Sonny says:

    I go with all of the comments except for Opa and Lindsay who I believe were all born yesterday. Cher has one of the most longest career and the most ORIGINAL in the music industry unlike Madonna who use ripping off, sex, and religion as a tool for attention. And one thing Cher had that Madonna never had, TRUE LOVE. Sonny and Cher Forever!

  12. Shawn says:

    Everyone takes style fashion idea’s from someone. Madonna copies just as many movie stars of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s, we just don’t hear about it as much because Madonna was taking idea’s at a tie when there wasn’t many woman pop stars. Madonna directly stole from many celebrities, her favorite being Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis, other include, Grace Jones, Olivia Newton John, Jane Russell, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Jane Mansfield, Gina Lollobrigida, Marlene Dietrich…hell she eve took from Princess Diana with promo pics of Something To Remember and the cover for that album. Fashion is fashion, it’s part of the cycle of life, we just need to accept and embrace it rather than fight it.

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