Cher Labels Jennifer Lopez & Britney Spears Hoes

Nui Te Koha of the Herald Sun was on hand for Cher’s concert in Auckland, New Zealand, during the Australian leg of her farewell tour on Sunday night (October 20). explained her decision to quit touring to the 20,000 fans, saying “I’m not going to give up show business, but there are new girls coming up like Britney and J.Lo.” When the crowd booed in response, she added, “I know. They are hoes, aren’t they?”

Keeping Constantly Close To J.Lo

February 20, 2005 – Friends of Jennifer Lopez can’t help but notice how hubby seems to always be watching over the diva. “In a way, it’s cool,” a pal remarked. “But in another way, it’s suffocating.” As to how J.Lo will react to Anthony’s clinginess, one pal said, “Either she’ll explode, or this is the place she wants to be. No one seems to know – they can’t get her alone to talk about it!”

MuchMusic VJ Vs. ‘Jennifer The Conqueror’

February 18, 2005 – Imagine if VJ Leah Miller spent her first day on the job with Jennifer Lopez. MuchMusic dug up some archived footage and cooked up a mock interview to show viewers if she would have won the battle with “Jennifer The Conqueror.” Video at has since been removed.

Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface Collection Debuts

February 15, 2005 – Jennifer’s Sweetface collection is another feather in the star’s cap. Her debut show at New York fashion week on Friday (February 11) unveiled the high end version of her JLO clothing line.

Leno On Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Grammy Performance

February 15, 2005 – Jay Leno joked about Sunday night’s Grammy Awards during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “What was that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony singing in that bedroom? What was that? ‘Gigli’ the musical? That song lasted longer than her first two marriages.”

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6 thoughts on “Cher Labels Jennifer Lopez & Britney Spears Hoes

  1. hooker says:

    Ignorant, Cher, until this time, she’s not aware, that, J-HO, is a renowned ‘HO’ before hitting it big. Even, David Letterman and Jay Leno, and the rest, like, Conan O’brien, knew, this J-ho, is J-LOW. No matter what she does to her image, or damage control to her image, a lot still knew of her. Right, Conan O’brien! J-LOW, it truly is. She and fugly Marc, fit well together, the rest of their lives. They’re both LOW CLASS. Low morality, eh. One is a baby maker, while, one, always, changing husbands. She needs to fix her BRAIN, like what, the skit, they presented to the David Letterman’s show, eh, sometime. You can fool everybody, Mrs. J-Hopez with an ugly husband, #3. Who else is her next, husband, perhaps, HUGH HEPNER, they’re sexual behavior, are almost the same, OMG, I’m trembling, very scared. Honest.

  2. AGUILERAFAN says:


  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, are we forgetting Ben and Jen (Bennifer) started before the divorce with Cris J?’, ‘I would go so far as to say J.Lo cheats, and while Britney hasn’t cheated in her marriage, it’s pretty much common knowledge for people NOT in denial, that her cheating on Justin with Wade Robson is what broke up the barbie and ken romance that was Justin and Britney….. They are lying, cheating hos….Cher is absolutely right in saying what she said…but she needs a new line. She’s been saying it for 2 years now!

  4. scratchnsniff says:

    What’s worse? A young hoe or an old hag HOE? Cause Cher fits the latter description perfectly. When was the last time she watched her own video for “If I Could Turn Back Time”? She makes Christina look like a matronly old woman in her getup. Old ass hypocrite!

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    That’s exactly what came to my head….then she proceeds to say “nah just kidding, follow this bitches and whips her whip. Mind you I went to the first show on the US leg of her tour and that’s what she was using then. To say the least this is OLD news.

    Divorce does not constitute a break-up. If you’re still legally married, but you and your husband are seeing other people it’s perfectly fine. For example, if Jen or Brad were to start seeing other people right now, that wouldn’t be cheating. Just because it’s not in ink yet, doesn’t mean the marriage isn’t finito.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, she’s entitled to her own opinion, but I don’t see what’s the big deal about this for it to be news. She could have just been joking, and if not, well, many other people would probably agree with her too. Big deal.

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