Cher Lloyd Nervous About T4 On The Beach Gig

offered a video postcard ahead of the T4 On The Beach concert on July 10th at Weston-Super-Mare, where she’ll be performing her debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’. “As a child, I was never allowed to go to T4 On The Beach,” the ‘X Factor’ alum said. “I always wanted to go but I wasn’t trusted enough. But now, I’m not only going, I’m actually performing, so it’s very exciting stuff.”

As for advice on what concertgoers should wear to the event, said, “I don’t think I’m the type of person to come to for fashion tips, but if I had any to give you, I’d just say get up in the morning, chuck on what you like, because you’re gonna have an amazing time, and you shouldn’t be worried about what you look like. Something you can fist pump in.”

said she’s “particularly nervous” about this performance “because it’s the first time I’ll be performing my first single, my own song, in front of lots of people, so please don’t laugh at me.”

Video of her comments at YouTube has since been removed.

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