Cher Phones Into C-SPAN After Visiting Wounded Troops

has waded into the debate over the war on Iraq, saying she was shocked by a recent visit to a hospital for wounded American troops. Cher unexpectedly phoned a C-SPAN without saying who she was and condemned the way maimed soldiers were being “hidden” from the public. She said a recent visit she made to see injured soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington was “the most heinous thing I have ever seen.” Speaking on C-Span Cher, 57, said: “The thing I was most shocked by as I was walking into the hospital, the first person I ran into was a boy that was about 19 or 20 years old who had lost both of his arms. Everyone had lost either one limb or two limbs. A couple of the boys told me it was because their vehicles – the rockets pierce their vehicles so much – it`s like being in a kind of tin can. These boys had the most unbelievable courage, they felt it was their duty. And it took everything I have as a person to not, you know, break down.” She asked why President George Bush and senior administration officials were not “taking pictures with all these guys.”

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2 thoughts on “Cher Phones Into C-SPAN After Visiting Wounded Troops

  1. weebongo says:

    Wow she’s 57 and is younger looking and fitter than most pop stars out today. Christina doesn’t look half as good as Cher does. That’s kind of sad that Christina is only 22 has had as many plastic surgeries as Cher but out of the two of them Christina is the one that is an old hag.

  2. rachel says:

    Yeah for real Weebanging, and Britney looks like Cher’s grandmother. Very sad considering she is only 21. With all that money, we will things she would go and fix her raggedy face but no!

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