Cheryl Cole Feels “Really Weird” Atop The UK Singles Chart

Cheryl Cole 'Fight For This Love' single cover

BBC News caught up with in a Q&A, asking the star about the chart success of her debut solo single ‘Fight For This Love’ and her participation in the hit show ‘The X Factor’. “It feels weird. Really weird,” Cole said in reaction to being #1 in the UK charts. “I always try to think about the worst-case scenario – like I wouldn’t make it into the Top 40, how would I deal with that? But this has gone past anything I’ve ever expected, and I don’t know how to deal with that either.”

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One thought on “Cheryl Cole Feels “Really Weird” Atop The UK Singles Chart

  1. christina says:

    T think Cheryl has done amazing on her first solo music video, I have a passion for music videos and directing and I am so proud of Cheryl not sexualising herself in her video! She has created meaning within the song through her video and it is fantastic! Keep doing this !

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