Cheryl Cole Reportedly Sidelined With Malaria

has reportedly contracted malaria after getting a mosquito bite while on vacation in Tanzania a few weeks ago with Derek Hough. The star is being treated at Cromwell Hospital in London, where she’s expected to spend at least three nights.

“He’s mortified by what’s happened and is utterly devastated what she’s going through, not least because it happened on a trip he’d planned,” a source told 3am. “He will always be there for her and his presence has cheered her up no end. It’s the exact tonic she needs to get through this. She really is quite poorly but at least the results came back quickly so the doctors can focus on giving her the right treatment. She had been taking malaria tablets while away on holiday and when she came back again but she still tested positive for the disease.”

Because Cheryl is sidelined, she won’t be at ‘The X Factor’ auditions. That means Cheryl will avoid of the Pussycat Dolls, who was Hough’s partner on the most recent season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Watch a report from ITN below.

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