Cheryl Cole Returns Fire At ‘Big Mouth’ Lily Allen

Girls Aloud star is firing back at after being branded a “stupid bitch” by the ‘Smile’ singer, which was spurred by her “chick with a dick” remark. “Yes, I was bitchy about her but I never mentioned her weight,” Cole said. “Quite frankly I couldn’t care less if she has a dick or not. I have had enough of her and her big mouth.” Cole added, “Over the last few months she has called Nicola [Roberts] ugly, which I bit my tongue over. She called Sarah [Harding] vile and my husband [Ashley Cole] horrendous, but seems to have conveniently forgotten all of that. I can’t stand people who give it but aren’t prepared to take it back. If that’s the case she should keep her mouth shut instead of feeling sorry for herself. I could go on but I left school a long time ago and have no time for this.”

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One thought on “Cheryl Cole Returns Fire At ‘Big Mouth’ Lily Allen

  1. Vicktoryaa:) says:

    Lily IS a bitch
    Cheryl I love you honey :) xxxxxxxxxx idol

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