Cheryl Cole Squashes Plan To Make Peace With Charlotte Church After Diss

had planned to bury the hatchet with Charlotte Church in Girls Aloud’s new book ‘Dreams That Glitter’, but Charlotte recently called the girl group “five dogs without balls” and said “Cheryl’s proved she’s got no backbone” as a judge on ‘The X Factor’, prompting Cheryl to change her mind. “Cheryl decided she’s had it with the feud. She wrote a sincere passage in the book about how much she regretted it and how much she enjoys Charlotte’s show,” a source told The Sun. “She thought it time to grow up and draw a line under it. But there’s only so far you can push her. Charlotte made some entirely unprovoked attacks and that changed Cheryl’s mind on the matter. After hearing them she was straight on to the publishers to tell them to remove the passage. They weren’t best pleased to be tinkering with it at this late stage but said they would do their best.” Read more.

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