Cheryl Cole Will Pre-Record Her ‘X Factor’ Performance

is set to perform her new single ‘Fight For This Love’ on Sunday’s ‘X Factor’, and the star confessed she’s “absolutely terrified” about hitting the stage without her bandmates.

“The nerves started weeks ago,” Cole told The Sun. “It’s really here and happening. I love performing but I’ve sat for weeks judging people and now I’m putting myself out there to be judged.” But Cheryl’s decision to pre-record the performance, giving her a chance at multiple takes, has led to charges of a double standard for the 26-year-old who judges contestants on the hit ITV show.

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One thought on “Cheryl Cole Will Pre-Record Her ‘X Factor’ Performance

  1. Clare O'Driscoll says:

    Ah come on , give her a break

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