Cheryl Cole Year In Review Q&A

The Daily Star caught up with star Cheryl Cole in an end of year themed Q&A, asking the sexy singer which band reunion excited her and disappointed her the most. “I know it was last year they got back together but I would still say Take That,” Cole said. “They set the bar for what a live show should be and also they showed that if you can write great songs you can still sell a lot of records. I’m also excited about going to see the next month, as we’re all huge fans.”

As for the best new showbiz pal she’s made, the wife of soccer star Ashley Cole responded, “Everyone’s now going to think I’m not very friendly but I haven’t made any this year. Whenever I go out I go with the rest of the girls or with Ashley or with friends. I’ve met people who have been really nice but I’m not one of those people who says: ‘You’re my best friend’ after going out with them once.” Read more.

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