Cheryl Tweedy Thanks Her Bandmates

star Cheryl Tweedy spoke about her conviction for assaulting a nightclub attendant on GMTV, paying tribute to her fellow band members. “Without the support of the girls I do not think that I would have got through it as well as I did, to be honest,” she said.

Bandmate Nadine Coyle said the charges and subsequent trial had been “really hard” for Tweedy. “She has coped with it really well under the circumstances because we have been working so hard,” Coyle said.

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2 thoughts on “Cheryl Tweedy Thanks Her Bandmates

  1. youhavenoidea says:

    Oh the trial was really hard for Cheryl? I’m sure it was hard for the woman that got the crap beaten out of her by a nasty drunk geordie… But glad to hear Cheryl’s recovered..that’s ok then.

  2. Izzy says:

    Cheryl Tweedy is an ungrateful racist bitch. Her 5 minutes are just about up.

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