Chester French Discuss Album, Mixtape

Chester French members D.A. Wallach and Maxwell Drummey sit down for an interviewD.A. Wallach and the always sarcastic Maxwell Drummey of talked with MySpace Hip Hop about the story behind their name, trimming a five piece band down to two, the new album ‘Love the Future’, and mixtape ‘Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance’.

“Chester French is the combination of our bodies and minds,” Wallach explained. “Largely our bodies. We just like to put our bodies, both of them, in people’s faces… We started as a five piece band in our freshman year along with three friends, and then by our sophomore year decided to take it into the studio and just work as a duo. Over the course of our final three years in college we made the record that we’re putting out April 21st, ‘Love The Future’, and once we had made that album, we started sending it out to a million different people, anyone we could find.”

“We’re just gonna be always bringing the foremost creativity to the table,” Wallach promised.

Watch the comments via MySpace below.

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