Chevy Rocks The Road With The Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers talk about how they take the environment seriouslyChevy and the are teaming up to Rock The Road all summer long during the sibling pop trio’s U.S. tour.

“Helping the environment is something we take very seriously,” Kevin Jonas said. “And so does Chevy. So Team Jonas will partner up with Chevy Green Team for an important mission on this tour, having fun and thinking green. We call ourselves the Chevy Green Team Jonas. We want you to be part of the team.”

Watch the announcement below.

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2 thoughts on “Chevy Rocks The Road With The Jonas Brothers

  1. maria says:

    hi the Jonas Brothers I love you boys

    my name is Maria I live in New York with my grandma.

    I turned 21 Wednesday can I meet you someday

    I have your CD and your poster on my wall

    write me back

    your fan Maria

  2. maria says:

    Hi the Jonas Brothers my name is Maria

    I love your songs I want to meet you someday.

    I love your new songs paranoid

    Your fan Maria

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