Cheyenne Kimball Updates Fans

Contributed Anonymously:

recently sent the following e-mail to her fans, “Hey! This is Cheyenne just dropping you a line to say what’s up and thank you for joining my mailing list! You are awesome :) So, a lot has been going on! I’ve been filming for my new MTV show ‘Cheyenne’. A lot of people ask, ‘What is it about?’ I’ll explain to you hahaha. It’s basically about my crazy life in the music biz and also being a normal 15 year old. My family and I are together EVERYDAY, so there is a lot of drama there haha But ya, I have best friends, boy problems, and of course, SCHOOL… on top of writing music, recording, and promoting my album! Hopefully people can see that I’m a normal girl, with a not-so-normal life. But it’s fun and I love it! My first single will be out in April, my show will air at the end of May, and my album comes out in June!! Yay! Keep your eye out for me :) Once again, THANK YOU for your support! I live for making music and I hope you will enjoy it. Rock on, Cheyenne”

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