Children Should Be Heard As Well As Seen

Aaron Buckingham from V shared his thoughts on who has brought ‘Leave (Get Out)’ to the UK airwaves. “As always happens with anybody under the age of 80 releasing a record, I keep reading articles about how it’s wrong for a girl of JoJo’s age to be travelling the world, performing to millions and topping the charts,” Aaron wrote in his regular column for “Apparently, she’s missing out on a ‘normal’ upbringing. What is normal? Based on what the most 13-year-olds I know get up to, what JoJo’s doing is pretty tame. Now I admit that I too was a little surprised to find out that this make-up wearing girlie with her boobs pushed up was only 13 years old but she’s obviously having fun doing something she loves. And she does have an amazing voice, which reminds me a bit of a pre-‘Dirrty’ Christina.”

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