Chloe Lattanzi Anxious To Release Album

Chloe Lattanzi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@chloelattanziofficial) on Tuesday (August 28). The daughter of writes:

Hey guys!!! It’s been too long since I posted a blog. There’s so many different things up in the air, wish there was something I could tell you that is 100% confirmed. The big news I was going to tell you about is still going on but I want to wait until everything is set in stone and contracts are signed before I say anything unless something falls through. This industry is tedious, it’s one big waiting game I swear hehe. Please know the album is being released and moving ahead. I got a new manager and he is just great, he’s so on it and completely believes and me and we share the same vision, he really gets me and he’s making things happen. Once the ball is in motion, everything will happen very fast. I’m in the process of mastering my tracks, that’s the final stage of the album. I’d love to put them up on my page, they sound so much better, but people can download them so my manager won’t let me. Let’s see, what else? I’m going to New York to see Xanadu on Broadway soon. Excited about that. Been hearing great things about it. Have you seen it? Anyway, I can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the record, I’m very proud of it and it will be awesome to share it with you. Please comment back, I really appreciate hearing from you guys and your thoughts. Love always, Chloe

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