Chloe Lattanzi Appreciates Fans’ Support

‘Rock The Cradle’ contestant checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@chloelattanziofficial) on Monday (April 7). Olivia Newton-John’s daughter writes:

Hey everyone. Just wanted to send my love to every single one of you. I appreciate your support so much. The show is challenging, much more so than playing a gig, you only have 90 seconds to prove yourself. But regardless if I win or not, I can’t wait to go on tour with my own music and let loose with you guys. Your support gives me so much strength. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I go online and read your messages, and you have no idea how many of your words have lifted my spirits. Stay cool xox chloe

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One thought on “Chloe Lattanzi Appreciates Fans’ Support

  1. elizabeth farmer says:

    chioe don.t give up what you like doing you have a good heart get well soon you give a light to people who feel down

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