Choreographer Addresses Pop Star Crotch Grabbing

Walter Scott of Parade magazine was quizzed by a read on why so many pop stars like Christina Aguilera grab their crotch while performing. Scott spoke with choreographer Dan Karaty, who employs the move in *NSYNC’s tours. Karaty said, “It’s really not meant as a sexual gesture. It’s more of a power move picked up by for his Thriller routine and later by Madonna.” Still, not everyone is sold on the move, including Britney Spears: “She doesn’t think it fits her girly style.”

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One thought on “Choreographer Addresses Pop Star Crotch Grabbing

  1. Heidi Bell says:

    Hey, does anyone really know if Michael Jackson is the creator/inventor of the crotch grab as a dance move or as a gesture, or did he pick it up somewhere else for his Thriller routine and then became famous for it.

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