Chris Jones & Eller van Buuren ‘Going Wrong’ Acoustic

Chris Jones and Eller van Buuren did an acoustic version of their dance single ‘Going Wrong’, performed from a hotel room in Belgium in October. Watch it via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Chris Jones & Eller van Buuren ‘Going Wrong’ Acoustic

  1. Erikini26 says:

    WOW. I would like to say that the first time I heard this song was at an Armin concert in NY. It made me cry. The words are so powerful and moving. And if you think about it, it’s not just about relationships I guess. These words are kind of about life and situations that happen to us all. I think Chris Jones and Eller should be on MTV Unplugged or something…LOL. It’s just a different kind of vibe. Very beautiful!! I love it, honestly.

    much love from the US,

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