Chris Kirkpatrick Comments On *NSYNC Bandmates

E! Online has a video clip of talking about his *NSYNC bandmates Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass. Chris was at Michael Jordan’s golf tournament in Atlantis, and says Justin’s new album is amazing. He hopes Lance gets to go into space because he’s put a lot of work in it. The footage has since been removed.

*NSYNC Can’t Break Up Because Of Contracts

21, 2002 – Contributed by JustinsGirl44: Even though everyone is saying *NSYNC is breaking up, they definitely aren’t. According to J-14 Magazine, *NSYNC has a contract that says they must produce 3 more albums.

Timberlake Won’t Let Public/Media Decide *NSYNC Future

September 21, 2002 – Justin Timberlake recently chatted with an Australian radio station about his debut solo album ‘Justified’. Asked if the album had great success, would that mean the end of *NSYNC, Justin responded, “Well the last thing I’m gonna do is let the public or the media determine what’s the end of *NSYNC. I think we determine when the end of something is and we’re, I mean, we’re scheduled to go back in the studio next year sometime, to make another record. So rest assure I, seriously I mean, I say that with all the confidence in the world. I think we’ll make another record.” Read more.

Boy Bands Banned From Virgin Radio

September 19, 2002 – (WENN) reports that the and *NSYNC, along with other pop acts Hear’Say and Liberty X, have been banned from UK’s Virgin radio. If these acts are even mentioned on the radio station, the DJ’s have promised to pay a $15 fine. Virgin boss Paul Jackson says, “Virgin Radio plays real music and we’ve had enough of these search-for-a-star programs. They don’t get on our playlist and now we don’t even want them on our say-list.”

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