Chris Richardson Can’t Wait To Share His New Music

Chris Richardson, an 'American Idol' alum, talks about bad dancing in a black and white video‘American Idol’ season six finalist posted the following MySpace bulletin (@chrisrichardson) to his fans on Thursday ( 18):

I hope everyone is still alive and living out there! Just wanted to drop a thank you for staying in the loop with everything going on with myself and the album. Thank You for all the comments and pushing me past the million mark. I can’t wait to finally share with everyone what I’ve been working on, rather it is the album or songs I have written for other people. Thank You for the patience as supporters, fans, and friends… Patience is so crucial in this business, if I didn’t have it I probably would of given up by now. I encourage anyone living their dream to live it without hesitation. Once you get there I promise you will not stop dreaming. As I always say stay tuned in, soon enough everyone will know in advance whats coming next.

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