Chris Sligh And Session Guys Check In From The Studio

Chris Sligh of 'American Idol' does an in-studio confessional camera‘American Idol’ season six finalist Chris Sligh set up an in-studio confessional camera while working on his debut album. Jerry McPherson, Blair Masters, Dan Needham, and Jimmy Lee Sloas got big props from Chris, but the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Then, tongue firmly in cheek, Chris predicted, “Judging from the initial response of the session guys who have been playing around on records for years, I gotta say that I think this record’s gonna be huge, maybe 10 million. That’s my guess, maybe 10 million, at least 7 million. We were talking about numbers today, and sold 104 million records worldwide on ‘Thriller’, and all I gotta say is Jacko, I’m comin for you baby.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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