Christian Finnegan Discusses Britney, Paris & Lindsay Headlines

VH1 ‘Best Week Ever’ contributer Christian Finnegan visited ‘Countdown’ with fill-in host Allison Stewart for a look at the latest on Britney Spears with her ‘Piece Of Me’ video release and Nigel Lithgoe withdrawing Britney’s ‘American Idol’ invite, looking for a man to settle down with, and working with J.R. Rotem on her third album. Watch the segment, aired Monday (December 17), below.

Grows Up, Goes Green

December 13, 2007 – Paris has been flaunting her new grown-up image during a promotional trip to Berlin, Germany. “I changed all the light bulbs to energy-safe light bulbs and I’m buying a hybrid car right now,” the 26-year-old celebrity heiress said on Wednesday (December 12), probably meaning to say energy efficient. “Little things that people can do every day to make a huge difference.” Why the sudden activism? “I think being a celebrity, we have a chance to actually raise awareness and shine light on things that are going on in the world. That people aren’t paying attention to.” Hilton was in Berlin to take part in an advertising campaign for Rich Prosecco. A report from ITN has since been removed from YouTube.

Paris Hilton Dishes Out Career Advice To Britney Spears

December 5, 2007 – Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times hears what Britney and Paris spoke about when the pair met up on Saturday night for Brit’s 26th birthday celebration in Beverly Hills. Though Alli Sims and Sam Lufti were apparently in the room, a fly on the wall said the heiress told the troubled pop tart, “Britney, you have to listen to people who truly are experts in entertainment. You can’t be listening to friends, no matter how good or loyal they are, to tell you how to run your career.” Instead, Hilton suggested that Spears “only hire the very top agents, publicists, managers and assistants money can buy.”

Paris Hilton Wants A Baby In The Next Two Years

November 29, 2007 – After hanging out with her pregnant ‘Simple Life’ co-star Nicole Richie, Paris tells’s Pop Tarts she’s ready for a little one herself. “Seeing Nicole [Richie] just makes me want to be a mom,” the heiress said at Tuesday night’s ‘Share the Passion’ party celebrating the one-year anniversary of Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I need a baby now’ because I want our kids to be able to play together like we did when we were 2 years old, so not yet but hopefully in the next two years.” Read more.

The Useless Celebrity Index

November 28, 2007 – Self-appointed Professor of Pointless Celebrity David Thomas (P.P.C.) has devised a mathematical formula covering everything from annual income to delinquency factor to determine the biggest celebrity waste of space in 2007. The lower the score, the more pointless the celebrity. Check out the formula, which is {(C2+b)G) + (pxd)/ tx pq, at work for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears at New York Daily News and Daily Mail.

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