Christian Group Calls For Jessica Simpson To Re-Shoot ‘Boots’

The Christian group ‘The Resistance’ is calling for to re-shoot her video for ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ featured on the new Dukes of Hazzard movie being released August 5th. “She should be ashamed of herself,” says John Conner, spokesperson for the group. Conner added, “It’s disappointing to have Jessica, a pastor’s daughter and Christian role model, join the ranks of the ‘singing strippers’ such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. She has one of the most beautiful voices, and is a very beautiful girl, but it’s sad to see her whore herself out like this. What’s worse is that pastor, Joe Simpson is Jessica’s manager, as well as her father.”

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10 thoughts on “Christian Group Calls For Jessica Simpson To Re-Shoot ‘Boots’

  1. popfan_23 says:

    I’m not upset, it’s just that she’s not “whoring herself out”‘ and you need to learn what a whore is, cause dancing in a bikini is not being a whore

  2. galleta says:

    whoring sweet heart doesn’t just have one meaning…lol… when one whores themselves’, ‘out it means they are doing something against what THEY say they are against. A business man can whore himself in business, a writer can whore themselves out in writing, the word has many meanings dear.

  3. Potrzebie says:

    If she has changed her mind, and now thinks that what Britney and Christina did was OK, she should say so, and I’d be fine with that.

    If she currently thinks that “it’s bad when they do it, but it’s OK when I do it”, that would be blatant hypocrisy and I don’t like that.

  4. yelenerz says:

    Come on guys, u can’t blame her. She realized that what sells is sex and hot dance routines. She can’t sing or dance. So she resorts to selling sex. If you look at her first 3 albums she barely sold 5 million compared to the at least 10 million that Britney and Christina sold for each album. So she is just trying to get their kind of success, and the way to do that is to sell sex. Given a choice between morals and money she chose money.

  5. popfan_23 says:

    sweetheart, is one word darling’, ‘and judging a person on comments they made 3 years ago is not the brightest thing to do, so you wouldn’t know where her head, or her mindset is or whether or not she’s compromising her principles or not, darling :)

    She doesn’t have to say so’, ‘she’s no obligated to make public announcements everytime she changes her mind, otherwise she and every other entertainer (just about) would be making announcements all the time.

    actually she sold 7.3 million’, ‘and that was mainly because her second (although far better than her first) didn’t sell well

  6. galleta says:

    excuse they typo…and you are right she shouldn’t be judged on what she said 3 years’, ‘ago, but morals and principals don’t usually change in just a 3 year period. As someone said here she chose money over principle.

  7. rlrlrl says:

    Ha!so being a conservative has come back to bite jessica in the ass! good! christina knows better than to pander to these “holier than thou” conservos. So, she doesn’t have to make any apologies for being as sexual as she wants to be!

  8. popfan_23 says:

    morals and principles can change in a 3 year period, hell they could change in a day’, ‘all it takes is seeing something you thought of as one way, from another persons point of view, and understanding it and where they are coming from, and you could change your outlook, in three years a person can do alot of changing, especially in the industry and especially at this age

  9. galleta says:

    if thats the case then they werent very grounded then…. ones principles don’t’, ‘change that easily…if a person changes their beliefs in morality, principals in this case that easily then they weren’t ever really grounded in the first place. You and I both know Jess is doing this for money and fame nothing else. She has slammed other artist for this behavior and now she has all of a sudden change her mind and is doing the same… bologna. It sounds like she was slamming them out of jealousy. Now that she has the chance they have shes following the same path. A person that is grounded would have stuck to their convictions. She was just jealous that’s sad.

  10. Britney_rocks says:

    First off Jessica is a hypocrite. She has said many times about Britney and Christina (even though I don’t like Christina) that they are only dancing, and prancing around in skanky clothes because that’s what sells. Well look at her last videos. Look at when Irresistable tanked (she was trying to be Britney then) she blamed it on her record label when people knew she just wasn’t good enough to buy her record which tanked also. Now sweetest sin, and TBAMFW show Jessica taking off her clothes and shaking her a$$ even though she doesn’t even have one to shake. She’s contradicted herself more than once.

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