Christina Aguilera Accepts TRL Evolution Award

phoned in from London to MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to accept her TRL Evolution Award and chat with hosts Carson Daly and Britney Spears. Christina talked about how the award was important to her and told Britney she misses her and will call her soon. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: The TRL Evolution Award goes to Christina Aguilera.


Carson: She’s on the telephone if I’m not mistaken Christina are you

Christina: Hello?

Carson: Hello Christina

Christina: You can hear me.

Carson: Yeah, can you hear me


Christina: Yeah, ha-ha it’s carson and Britney both here to say congratulations
you have won the TRL Evolution Award.

Christina: — Award what i always try you to do wha’ssup Britney.

Britney: No much what you are doin’.

Christina: I miss you.

Britney: I miss you, too.

Carson: The three of us should all get together and talk about it


Christina: I know, huh.

Carson: Coffee, tea, couple cocktails.

Christina: Couple cocktails would be nice

Carson: Christina, we’ll need ’em. Listen this is the Evolution Award
you know you’ve come a long way since “Genie in a Bottle” and I know it’s
important you have evolved in the last 3 years.

Christina: Yes.

Carson: Why, give us one or two reasons why this evolution is so important
to you.

Christina: Oh, my god you know it felt like, you know, uhm, I’m 2 years
old now you know or at the time i was 17 years old and pretty much people
just grow up and evolve into human beings so that was just you know i just
wanted to create my own music, write my own music, co-produce, expective
producer was very important to me now I’m really in control of everything
— every single thing that i do and to be as experimental and ever-changing
as i possibly can.

Carson: Very well said. And that quite frankly is why you are the TRL
Evolution Winner for those words right. There we’ll ship this off to you.
Or we’ll bring it to you when we see ya thank you Christina Aguilera.

Christina: Thank you so much.

Britney: Bye Christina.

Christina: Bye Britney. I’ll call you soon.

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