Christina Aguilera Accuses Britney Spears Of Sexual Hypocrisy?

Christina Aguilera is featured in a story on the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet where she apparently goes into detail about her sexuality and takes shots at artists such as for being hypocrites. user ‘puritan avenue’ roughly translated: Christina says that many female singers out there are hypocrites. They like to show off their sexual side in videos, but when asked about it in interviews, all of a sudden they’re all virgins. “How can you do that and call yourself an artist?”, Christina asked. Aguilera also says that Britney never was a virgin. It was all a lie. For her part, Aguilera says, “I’m raw and real and I don’t apologize,” and “I want to show a sexuality that is cruel, the kind a man can never get close to.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Accuses Britney Spears Of Sexual Hypocrisy?

  1. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    I think that she is right! I know that Britney was never a virgin and even though I still love Britney I think people would respect her a lot more if she didn’t lie about never having sex, and that she only had sex with Justin! ((lucky her!!)) so I think Christina has a point!

  2. rachel says:

    As for this I will never believe it until I hear it from her actual mouth. I will like her to say that but Christina knows if she says something like this, it will blow everything out of proportion. All the media will start acting on the rivalry crap, and also Christina already knows that Britney isn’t worth talking about.

  3. xoinnocentjrtgrl says:

    I agree with Christina. Britney is making music about sex.. but when asked about it.. its suddenly.. oh I’m a virgin. Christina hasn’t lied about her virginity.. and she’s not scared to say it.

  4. angelM says:

    How the hell can some of us read more on that article when its in another language!!! LOL But I agree with Christina,ever since Britney started her career she lied about everything.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Christina is right in some extent, and I totally agree with her. It’s annoying how artists like Britney dazzle and amaze everybody by their new “down and dirty” image, constantly at that, and then when asked about it in interviews they act all innocent and try to do whatever they can to soften it up. In my opinion, that just shows that they are quite deceiving. I am not saying that just because an artists dresses sexy that they aren’t virgins or good people, but if they are that determined to still have an innocent image, why dress provocative in these magazines to begin with? They have control, so it’s no excuse to say that they don’t. They need to start being more real. My advice would be: If you aren’t really the “sex goddess” that you portray in these magazines, then don’t pretend to be if you aren’t taking it to heart.

  6. ballersfantasy says:

    How would Christina know about Britney’s sexual past? If this article is even true, its sad that she has to lash out towards Britney to get attention. How can Christina say “I’m raw and real and I don’t apologize?” If you’ve heard ‘Stripped’ and listened to the intro and Pt. 2, all she ever does is say SORRY. “Sorry I’m not a virgin, sorry I’m not a slut…”

  7. babet says:

    That’s so true. Britney is a big ass liar and her fans refuse to accept the fact that Britney isn’t a god. Christina will always be real and honest…….therefore she will last….unlike a certain pop tart.

  8. BreathOnMe says:

    Because Britney came back with this sexy image posing on magazines half naked yet in the same magazines she’s saying “people want me to do this sex symbol thing and that’s just not me” Well then don’t pose that way or she’s says that she actually posed in gowns and pretty dresses , but the magazine printed the most sexiest ones. She still posed that way. She has said in RS that she would do any crotch shots yet when you look at one of the pics she’s pulling her underwear half down exposing some of her crotch. Instead of just owning up to it and saying she did because she wanted to or something else. She hiding and trying to find excuses to keep her virginal image intact or like she’s innocent when she does it. That’s if Christina really said what she said, but if she did then I agree. Even though I still love Britney and always will support her, she can be a hypocrite sometimes.

  9. musikluver says:

    Well.. there goes Christina whining and crying for attention .. and if she can use Britney to get it then she will… she knows she’s not getting enough, so she used Britney because everyone would pay attention then…. Christina’s jealousy and bitterness over Britney is obvious just like her fans…. but its not her business to discuss.. its Britney’s.. I’m sure Britney knows quite a few stories to share about Christina.. I like to dress sexy and dance.. everybody likes to look and feel sexy.. that doesn’t mean that their a hypocrite because they don’t go around screwing everything that walks… seems like Christina is trying to justify her reasons for being sexually active with MULTIPLE partners… I was hoping there was at least a little class to Christina and maybe she wasn’t as DIRRTY as she looks and portrays herself to be..,, but I guess I was wrong… Christina…..looking, acting, and proving to everyone that you’re a slut doesn’t make you anymore of an artist than anyone else… I’m sure there is a prostitute walking the streets that also has your same talent in the bedroom and in her voice… maybe she should spend less time worrying about Britney and be more concerned about all the damage control she has to do because of all her stunts recently… now I really do think that Christina is posting on Popdirt under some false name like xtina-dirrty , peewee, or Rachel , which will do and say anything to get attention away from Britney and TRY to make Christina look better.

  10. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’ve heard some pretty raunchy stories about Brit from BEFORE she was famous from people who knew her when…and they’re people I know personally, and I trust them.

  11. XtinaFighter says:

    I totally agree with Christina…all these artists(Britney included) puts out this sexed up image and then in interviews say its all an act or try to act so freaking innocent when everyone knows that they are not as innocent as they try to look! Christina has always been honest about things that most artists constantly lie about and I respect her a lot for that!

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