Christina Aguilera Admires Me Alot

I really love ’s music so much. I love her new look, but the thing is why make a stupid essay about selling sex. Ok my opinion is don’t sell sex. So what, if she wears a short skirt than so be it. Just leave alone. She wears what ever she wants. She is famous and famous people do what ever they want to do. If you were a famous star, will you wear a short skirt? Maybe. So much that does for her fans. She tires to make the best album and she writes songs too. That is why admires me a lot. Christina is Christina. People around the world wants to make up a damn rumor about and I don’t believe it myself. But there is one thing I do believe and that is is getting married with her long time boyfriend. How do I feel for her? I am happy that she is getting married… She admires me, when I went through a bad time. Her music helps me get over the past. She helped me get thought my depression. All I have to say to this girl is Thank you for doing what you do in life.

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