Christina Aguilera ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ Billboard Charts

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Today as I was done checking some stuff online, and reading some emails, I thought well why not go to the billboard charts, and see what’s happening. To my surprise, I came to see that Christina Aguilera’s first single, Ain’t No Other Man is on # 19 on the Hot 100 airplay. That is amazing! Considering that the song is a “hot shot”, and has only been on the chart for 1 week. That’s got to mean something really big, because usually songs go to # 1 or top ten with help of airplay, and sales. Ain’t No Other Man has just been released and hasn’t been released on any CD just officially on iTunes, which means that the song has been selling a lot, and people really like this song because some artists don’t even get to number 20 even with 10 weeks on being released as a single. This goes on to prove that Christina is here to make history with this album, and the song is clearly on it’s way to becoming a # 1 song, to all the people that doubted her, and the song, and who said that no radio station was going to play it, and that it was worse than Dirrty, well Dirrty only went to #48, and this song is already on number 19!!, this is huge!! This could be really good for her, and if the song gets to be number 1 then it will be her 5th number one!! I am so excited for her; I hope that she gets to deliver more good songs with this upcoming album. Back To Basics is going to show that Christina is here to stay, and really worked hard for the success that is about to come her way.

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