Christina Aguilera And Family Issue Statement On Terrorist Acts

Christina Aguilera, her mother Shelly Kearns, and the entire Aguilera family issued a statement about the horrific events of Tuesday in the United States expressing their pain and sorrow over what happened.

Message from Christina’s Family

There are no words to describe how heartsick Christina and I and the rest of our family is over this nation-s tragedy. We would like to express our deepest support and sympathy for those who have lost loved ones in this horrific event. To those still looking, we are praying everyday for you all and hope beyond hope that you will be reunited with your loved ones. And for those wonderful men and women with the emergency crews who risk there lives daily to help, God bless you all. You make us so proud to be American.

It’s utterly impossible to express the pain and sorrow that we are feeling right now. To those who are suffering, please know that every day, every hour, our thoughts and our prayers are with you.

We all are grieving along with those who are in pain-We cry with those who are hurting-and we feel angry. We all feel so angry and helpless, and all of us have a furious desire to do something – anything – to help.

We also are praying that in our anger and determination, that we not sink to the level of those cowards that committed this atrocity by harming or abusing in any way those who are innocent. A large part of what makes this country so wonderful is that we have all come together from all parts of the world to form one great country. We can-t let our feelings of anger or helplessness cause us to target innocent people such as the loyal, law-abiding Americans in this country who may be of Arabic descent. They are Americans just as we are, and are just as proud of this country and are trying to mourn as well. There is a real enemy out there and that’s where our anger should be directed. All of us as Americans are of one family. We have to stand united as a family against those that would harm us, and not lower ourselves to harming each other.

God bless those who are suffering. God bless those who mourn. God bless our country and our leaders. We know that we will triumph over this, simply because our country is made of some of the most dedicated, wonderful, proud people in this world. We pull together in times of crises like no other. The world will see how strong we are. God will see us through.

God bless,

Shelly Kearns, Christina Aguilera,
and the entire Aguilera / Kearns family

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