Christina Aguilera Boots Cheating Jorge From BevHills Mansion

Star magazine reports broke up with her backup dancer Jorge Santos and kicked him out of her $3 million Beverly Hills mansion after evidence mounted he had been cheating on her. A pal of Aguilera’s said, “At first, Christina didn’t wasn’t to believe what her girlfriends were telling her… that Jorge was not only flirting up a storm, but clubbing and dating with several beautiful women, with Christina nowhere in sight. But finally she couldn’t ignore the evidence any longer – and broke up with him.”

The split occurred shortly after Valentine’s Day, though a spokesman says the split was mutual.

As for Jorge’s side of the story, his pal explained, “The problem was that Jorge got restless in Christina’s shadow. There are only so many times you can stand holding your girlfriend’s coat while she gets her picture taken at a party or show. He started getting attention from other women based on his newfound fame, and the temptation was just too great. It’s so sad. I think Christina had hoped that they would walk down the aisle one day.”

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