Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears – All That Glitter And No Heart

Contributed anonymously:

I’m really sick of coming to and seeing essay after essay claiming how important and are to the music business, how incredible their music is, how they are such legends. You people who think this need to broaden your musical horizons because as soon as you do you’d see how much of a joke those two are. Yes, Britney is an incredible entertainer and Christina’s voice is gorgeous – best of her age group.

Neither of them provides us with music that really challenges and stimulates, not to mention they don’t even write or produce any of their music. Yes, here we go you all will shout ‘they co-wrote’ how much is really co-writing? They could have written one word for all we know and paid off the produces to include them in the credits (it happens…)

all I can say is these two are just fluff, nothing more meaningful then Sunday morning comics – please get out there and discover some other artists because you won’t believe how great it feels to really start appreciating the music over the artists hype.

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