Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears Fans: Enough!

Contributed Anonymously:

What’s up with you and fans? What do you have against each other? Do you just hate each other for the fact that one is a fan of Christina and that one is a fan of Britney? I just don’t understand this rivalry here. You guys rival against each other more than Britney and Christina do, and I doubt that they are even rivaling against each other now.

I swear, all of you make yourselves look ridiculous. Every time there is a negative Britney essay, you Brit fans assume it’s a Christina fan, then you say how Christina fans are jealous and are obsessed with Britney and that they contradict themselves. Well, you know what, so do you Britney fans. You guys act as if you don’t criticize Christina once in awhile, or don’t criticize Christina fans, while saying things like “you are soo jealous that Christina doesn’t sell as much records as Britney!” C’mon, you guys know that you act just as hypocritical and immature as those Christina fans that are talking about how immature and hypocritical Britney fans are. You all contradict yourselves without knowing it, or pretending that you don’t, which is just ridiculous.

Don’t you guys get tired of doing that? I know that some of you Brit or Christina fans are going to say something like “the Christina fans are always the ones talking about Britney in every essay, even when the essay isn’t about Britney,” or “Britney fans are always dissing Christina even when the essay is just about Britney only.” Enough of that already, that just makes my point about how you contradict yourselves. It seems as if you Britney fans can’t ever talk about Britney or her record sales without adding Christina and her record sales into the sentence. I seen it happen so many times randomly, so don’t pretend that you are all innocent. And same with Christina fans, you can’t seem to ever talk about Christina and her vocal skills without adding how mediocre Britney’s vocals are. You all contradict yourselves over and over, and I find it funny that you guys still can’t admit or recognize that and accept the fact that you are all absurd, hypocritical, and contradictive when it comes to this.

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