Christina Aguilera Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Justin Timberlake

The Sun reports and the chief rival to his ex Britney Spears, the same who just Monday said she missed Britney and would call her soon, reportedly danced close with the star at the Sketch club, before leaving to his hotel later. “They were dancing closely all night,” an onlooker blabbed. “Christina wanted Justin to herself and was impatient when he wouldn’t get off the stage. They finally disappeared into the VIP area for the rest of the night.”

Nick Isn’t Worried About How Justin’s CD Is Doing

February 19, 2003 – Ed Condran of The Record caught up with Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter who says he isn’t paying attention to how Justin Timberlake’s solo debut ‘Justified’ is doing compared to his debut effort, ‘Now or Never’. “I’m not paying attention to what Justin has done,” said Carter. “I wish him well, but I’m doing my own thing. We made two different albums. There’s room for everybody. He’s doing his thing. I’m doing mine.”

Bonnie Fuller Scores With Britney & Justin Cover Story

February 19, 2003 – The New York Post reports Bonnie Fuller of Us Weekly saw her best-selling cover be the one on the love spat between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake – ‘Britney vs. Justin: The War is On.’ It sold more than 600,000 copies on newsstands – well above the 505,000 average.

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