Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Even Care About Her Fans

Well, today reading the “Holiday Greetings From Britney Spears” thread I was appalled by the replies. They are dissing Britney calling her family white trash (sorry Britney doesn’t look all glammed up 100%, but neither does , whether she is dressing like a whore or covers her face with 100 pounds of make-up), or dissing her child (the lowest thing, shows they have no life, they wish they were pronounced healthy like Sean).

Well, WHERE IS CHRISTINA’S LETTER? Right, THERE IS NONE! And hasn’t been for years. Britney takes time to write even after having a child and Christina has been doing nothing, and can’t take a few minutes out of her time? It just makes her fans look more like idiots, sticking up for her when she doesn’t even care about them except when she wants them to buy her stuff.

Well, we already know Christina is lost to Britney in sales and popularity, her wedding pics sold for millions less, she is only quoted when she talks about Brit or talks about her marriage life non-stop. And her “jazz” album will tank, no one wants to hear it and with her giving no care for her fans, I hope it does worse. Even a Christina fan complained they were ripped off paying for her fan club, in which they give nothing.

Well Happy Holidays! (since Christina doesn’t care if you have one or not)

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