Christina Aguilera Explains Durst, Eminem Diss Reaction

spoke with about the much publicized war of words she’s had with Eminem and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Christina explained, “I’m always getting those calculated answers from people around me, like, ‘OK, say this,’ and, ‘Make sure you don’t say anything too mean,’ and I saw other people get dissed and they giggled and laughed it off. But mine was harsh.”

As for Durst commenting that he only did the VMA ‘duet’ with her ‘for the nookie: “It was just coming off of the Eminem [dis]. With the things he was saying – no female should be talked about like that. I’m not gonna laugh it off and say ‘Ha ha, it’s a funny song, hee hee.’ That’s just not gonna fly with me, so I just had to speak my piece. I had to be honest about it and speak for all women.” Christina also commented on the new album extensively, check it out here.

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