Christina Aguilera Explains Eminem Confrontation

The second half of Access Hollywood’s interview with aired on Friday, where she explained what went down when the singer confronted Eminem at the MTV Video Music Awards. Christina said she spoke her peace with Slim and it ended in a hug. Billy Bush said their battle was somewhat like a brother and sister fighting and Aguilera admitted, “Maybe because we both speak our mind and that can clash sometimes,
I don’t know.” Read on for a transcript.

AH: Welcome back to Access Hollywood. She’s back on the scene and
hasn’t come quietly. Not that making undies and chaps go unnoticed. Christina
Aguilera has a new video and image and clears the air about the feud with

CA: We got a good chance to talk or whatever. We talked about it and
he said his piece, I did mine, and it ended ind a hug. So he’s you know,
it was all right.

AH: Wow. A hug. That’s how christina and emimen buried the hatchet after
a two-year war of words, settling differences back stage at the mtv video
music awards this summer.

AH: What did you say?

CA: We got a chance to, after I presented the award to him, go back
stage and I told him, basically, how I felt about the whole situation and
what had gone down.

AH: And what had gone down was this, emimen lashed out at the pop bombshell
in his 200 smash the real slim shady, portraying her as a blow-up doll,
claiming she slept with carson daly. Christina denied it and fought back.

CA: It’s disgusting and not true.

AH: Christina says it’s a huge misunderstanding and disputes the song
don’t hold it down takes a shot at the rapper.

CA: It’s basically a female empowering song. I know everybody is going
to want to blow it up. For the record, it’s not about anybody.

AH: You have more in common with this guy than you don’t?

CA: Emimen?

AH: Yeah, right.

CA: Yeah, I guess that’s why —

AH: You’re like brother and sister fighting maybe a little bit there,

CA: Maybe because we both speak our mind and that can clash sometimes,
I don’t know.

AH: I don’t suggest you date him. That would be explosive.

CA: That would be funny. You know, yeah, I do respect him as an artist.
I think he’s super talented.

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