Christina Aguilera Explains Redman Collaboration

performed her new single ‘Dirrty’ on cd:uk and chatted with host Cat Deeley as well. The singer explained her decision to hook up with Redman on the opening track saying, “Uh, well basically, I’m a big fan of Redman’s, was a big fan for quite a while, and he did a song called ‘Lets Get Dirty’ which was a huge hit, and I love that song, and experienced kinda the club life myself, being 21, turning 21 I wanted my 1st single to have that sorta hip-hop clubbing feel, so I called up the same producer, Rockweiler, and he gave me a track which was kinda similar, so I played up to the similarities about it, invited Redman to be a part of it, called it ‘Dirrty’, but kind of in an aggressive, not afraid to get gritty kinda way.”

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