Christina Aguilera Fan’s E-Mail Campaign Backfires In Sacramento

An e-mail request campaign to try and resuscitate life back into Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ track appears to have backfired on a the end 107.9 in Sacramento. Nighttime DJ Chris K. writes to an e-mailer in Peru, “Please tell me where you are hearing that we don’t play ‘Dirrty’? We do play the song, granted not much, because it is not a hit. I am getting very irritated from these pointless e-mails from people who don’t even listen to our radio station. Your e-mails will not get the song played more on our radio station. I couldn’t care less about what people outside of Sacramento say about the song, I only care about our listeners and it appears that they don’t particularly like the song. So please tell your fan group or whoever is behind all these e-mails to please stop.”

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