Christina Aguilera Is A Diva

Hi my name is Zahra, and I live in a city called Dubai in the UAE. I am 16. My dad is the owner of a security/agent company in Dubai. He comes home one day and tells me that Christina Aguilera will be coming to Dubai for the first time! She decided to come because she heard that Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey came just last month and she became interested! Enrique Iglesias will be coming next month! But everyone was excited about X-Tina coming. Everyone was talking about it! Then my dad comes and tells me just in the last few days that she cancelled and isn’t coming anymore! I was furious and sad and I asked on why she wasn’t coming! He then showed me a list of things that X-Tina wanted and expected the company in Dubai to pay for! Read on for the demands.

1. In her room she would like everything to be suitable for her (all the way from paintings to the slippers she wears)

2. She would like the hotel room floor to be empty (Hello, have you seen hotels here? They are packed)

3. She would like it that when she comes shopping she wanted the whole shop to close down just for her (She certainly never shopped here)

4. She wanted a 24 hour limo and bodyguard Service (Who are you?)

5. She wanted her meals to be checked by her own assistants. (Does she think she will get mad cow disease?)

6. She wants a 24 hour Stylist and Hair Dresser Shop to be open for her.

And Many More….

So when I looked that demand letter I was SHOCKED! Extremely shocked! And when the managers here told her that the demand letter was a bit too much! Her representatives said that ” Oh well, I don’t think Dubai can handle Christina Aguilera”

Now tell me…


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One thought on “Christina Aguilera Is A Diva

  1. Amanda says:

    Christina is good person, this article is sh*t.

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