Christina Aguilera Is Being Real Now, But Wasn’t Then

Trace Gallagher of Fox News spoke with Christine Aguilera who gets down and dirty in her latest video of her latest release ‘Stripped’, completing her transformation of her girl next door of a few years back. “There are so many people, ‘It’s like a complete 360, wow, what is she doing? What is she trying to be?’ If anything, what was I trying to be before? You know, that’s what I’ve saying I’m so happy this really does speak for me and it is me.” And the 21-year-old ex-Mouseketeer’s comparisons to another club member, Britney Spears, helped Aguilera to define herself in another way. “That playing it safe, cookie-cutter virginal kind of fame that I really saw, after a little while of being superficial and fake, and like I wasn’t being true to myself.”

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