Christina Aguilera Is Not Trying To Be Marilyn Monroe Nor Madonna

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I am so sick of people complaining that Christina should get her own image. She’s not trying to be Madonna and she’s not trying to be Marilyn Monroe. People use her Fighter video as “proof” that she’s emulating Madonna, me personally I don’t see that at all. Her ‘Fighter’ video was more along the lines of a commercial Marilyn Manson. Christina doesn’t need Madonna’s shock value to sell records, though Christina is light on tact she hasn’t stooped to Madonna’s level of desperation i.e. the Sex Book. More recently people have been saying she’s ripping off Marilyn Monroe, which is definitely not true.

Sure she lists Marilyn as someone of influence on her but that doesn’t mean she’s trying to be her. I mean Britney Spears says influences her but she’s definitely not trying to be her. The only reason I can think of that people say Christina is trying to be Marilyn is lack of knowledge. Hello people, Marilyn was not the only star of the old days.

Christina’s VMA performance with Nelly was more reminiscent of Ginger Rogers. Even her new look and style is more of Bridget Bardot, Veronica Lake, even Josephine Baker (though she is African American but she was just as glamorous), Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davis. Just because people only talk about Marilyn Monroe now doesn’t mean she was the only starlet of that time. I’m not saying that Christina isn’t reflective of Marilyn but she’s not the only one that’s inspiring Christina.

This new look to me is more of Christina than her ‘Dirrty’ image. She was singing old classics like ‘At Last’ when she did her first tour, maybe she didn’t try that look because she was coming out as a new artist and had to establish herself by using an image that was sure to sell records. I think now that she has looked more into the era and discovered the fashions and sex appeal these women exuded she became more enamored with it and now she’s applying it to herself. Not just copying it for media attention because she dresses a hell of a lot better now than she ever has. Even when she’s out at non publicity events she’s looking classy.

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13 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is Not Trying To Be Marilyn Monroe Nor Madonna

  1. oh no? says:

    Oh she isn’t trying to imitate Marilyn??? lol

    I was looking at some of her photos and I was just thinking.. this b*tch is trying to imitate Marilyn..

    I typed on Google “Aguilera not Marilyn”, and came here lol

    so you see, even people that know sh** about her can see that clearly


    this is why world is the sh** that it is today, every F**KING moron imitates others

  2. Christina # 1 says:

    Who cares what haters think of Ms. Aguilera. She is a strong confident woman. A great singer and dancer with killer curves! She’s rich, famous, beautiful and having fun *she’s brilliant* Christina Aguilera is the Madonna/ Marilyn Monroe of this generation!


  3. Robin says:

    wow, good work on your article!

  4. brianne says:

    in the “fighter” case, she’s not trying to be Madonna, simply paying tribute to the queen.

  5. ToAsK2007 says:


    Never duplicated always imitated. Christina is Christina, but she’s like both Marilyn and Madonna and is even going to be remembered as much as them in pop culture. Just all around beauty, the one and only Christina is possibly today’s most glamorous & new beauty legend :)

  6. sam says:

    Christina is talented and she is pretty that doesn’t mean she’s not trying to be Marilyn who hasn’t tried .I can list a bunch of stars that also have tried the Marilyn thing.I think there’s nothing wrong with that except that when the majority of people see this major change in her and she says she has all this Monroe stuff in her house it’s hard not to think one want’s to be the GODDESS MARILYN.Everyone knows that Madonna reinvents herself from all types of glamor artists and Madonna herself has admitted to her reinventions from Monroe to Dietrich.I am certainly not a hater I appreciate the beauty most people try to put out there but sometimes these stars try to hard to be someone else they should come to what we loved about them before all these changes made them someone else that’s all.

  7. What says:

    She is trying to be like Marilyn she confessed that she was obsessed with her.Every picture and video and look she comes out with now is a Marilyn duplicate.Marilyn can’t be duplicated that’s why all these starlets try to be like her there’s a list of wannabes in Hollywood and they all admit to it.Christina is not the Marilyn of this generation she can’t compare to Marilyn no matter how hard she tries .Marilyn has that special IT factor that Christina try’s to copy and Christina comes off as sleazy. Marilyn is unforgettable if you look online right now you will find a list of top Marilyn wannabes and that’s all that Christina and countless other starlets will be remembered for beside their singing and really who want’s be be known for being like someone else?.

  8. No goddess says:

    Christina Aguilera needs to quit quick she’s no Marilyn all those dumb faces Christina keeps making and posing off everything Marilyn Monroe is laughable.Christina knows people are making fun of her because she used to be herself and she’s in identity crisis mode.As of 2011 she is no beauty legend she’s a laughing stock this look has people everywhere comparing her to Snookie or Hatchet Face from Cry Baby.Christina Uglylera could revamp her look by getting rid of those fake painted brows,throw out those fake blue contacts,get back to her light brown hair,take out those fake boobs that on her 5’0 frame make her look bigger,fix those bowed legs,and get her old nose back and people will stop making fun of her.Christina is no Goddess Marilyn and never will be many have tried and are all on the Poser list looking dumb all their talents are taking a backseat to their wanting to be someone else.

  9. Laughing at Christinas fakeness says:

    Funny how this was written in 2004 and Christina is still ripping off Marilyn Monroe.Christina is no Marilyn she’s a real scrappy looking little thing.Christina really needs a more natural look.Look up Christina’s funny faces she tries so hard to imitate Marilyn with these stupid faces she’s been doing and all the changes she has made to her look screams Marilyn Monroe wannabe. I am sorry but Christina, Madonna, Gwen, Lindsay, Ann N, Paris Hilton man the list keeps going will never be anything close or comparable to the Stunning goddess Monroe.The funny part is can’t they find someone else that inspires them like Sofia Loren who is stunning too or Audry H,Elizabeth T,Ann M,why do we have so many fake and ugly Marilyn wannabes why do they all want to replace someone that can’t be replaced at all?.

  10. Unknown says:

    I don’t really believe Christina is trying to be like Marilyn Monroe. Nobody is trying to be like Marilyn Monroe. Yes, Marilyn is an icon but she doesn’t invented blonde hair, red lip stick, or curve. It just an old Hollywood look. Back than Bouffant, Crop, and Finger wave were very popular. Just because Marilyn Monroe is an icon doesn’t mean she invented those looks.

  11. what says:

    Really ask Christina and she will tell you herself how obsessed she is with Monroe because she is. A lot of celebs are obsessed with being the next Marilyn and they come off desperate.Christina has been trying to be Marilyn for years in every magazine,video,style and now the recent weight gain and butt implants she got to go with the boob implants.Christina needs to do her research because she looks fat and Marilyn was never that full figured she just had an amazing body.Marilyn’s coroner has Marilyn at 117 pounds add 10 more pounds from the camera and that’s 126 at 5’4 and the coroner has no reason to lie about height and weight.Christina is a dumpy 5’0 even though she tries to come off saying she’s 5’2 when she’s not and all that weight looks bad on her. Marilyn is the ultimate icon that’s why they all try to be her the only one that comes a little close is Christina Hendricks who sounds and looks like her. MARILYN was Marilyn That’s the secret if it was easy as dyeing your hair platinum and wearing lipstick we would have the next generation Marilyn and that hasn’t happened.Christina keep up the good work with all that plastic it is turning her into Snookie, Joan Rivers, Cyndi Lauper instead.

  12. anonymous says:

    Christina Aguilera is ugly and hideous.

  13. snookilera says:

    Christina Aguilera is delusional for thinking she’s modern day Marilyn Monroe when she’s not.They have nothing similar in features or body other than white hair and red lipstick.Christina Aguilera needs to stop her obsession and delusions that she’s Marilyn Monroe .People actually liked Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera is not well liked.Christina Aguilera is a very poor mans Marilyn Monroe and will be remembered as a wanna be.

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