Christina Aguilera Is One Of The Greatest Vocalists

To whoever is was that questioned ’s vocal talent I’ll tell you why people make a big deal out of her voice. It’s because of all the females in her age group: Pink, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, ect. None of them can compete with Christina vocally. People can’t speak on her voice until they have been to one of her concerts or have heard her do a vocal warm-up. Backstage at the VMA’s they said she made people jump from the power of her voice during her vocal warm ups. That’s why people make such a big deal about her.

She even surpasses Mariah Carey in vocal power. Christina can sing the low register and true Mariah may hit higher notes but at least when Christina hits high notes she can still be heard. Mariah sometimes can’t be heard when she hits high notes. By the way Mariah’s voice is old news with the presence of Amel Larriuex who can hit higher notes then Mariah and her notes are much clearer and technically better.

But back to Christina, in her age group 20 to 30 there’s not one female that gives her competition. Every critic, even the ones that don’t like her say she has an incredible voice. With all the people that compliment her she has to have something special. For these other vocalist to be deemed less vocally talented than her by a mass majority they must be less talented than her.

Face it, Christina will be the one star of today remembered for other than her body. Her voice is timeless and without limits, no one has yet seen all she can do.

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One thought on “Christina Aguilera Is One Of The Greatest Vocalists

  1. Vocal Coach Ken says:


    I think Mariah is technically a much better singer however I would have to agree that Christina has more felt soul in her singing.

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