Christina Aguilera Is Still Selling Sex

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Before I start I would love to say I am NOT a fan nor a fan. So you can save the bashing on Britney because I do it to myself and I enjoy I am writing this because many Christina fans seem to think that Christina has ‘cleaned up her act’. Although she is wearing more than before, that’s not saying much considering she wore nothing but a G-string and a bra. You can save those dumb “from trash to class” essays because she is still not dressing like a normal woman does. I have seen Christina recently and for those who seem to think she isn’t selling sex, you must be blind.

Christina has appeared at a recent press conference wearing a skirt as short as my underwear. She has been wearing EXTREMELY short skirts for a while now, and continues to. They aren’t even mini skirts; they are basically underwear with fringes on them. She is coming out with a calendar for the year 2005. On the cover of that calendar, Christina is topless using a piece of cloth to cover her breasts (shocking I know). I don’t even want to see what she is wearing on the inside of that calendar.

She has also been a spokes person for sketchers and is selling sex even in those ads. One of which she plays a “sexy” nurse wearing a tight short nurse uniform, in another she is dressed as a dominatrix cop wearing a tight black short mini skirt, with a black belly shirt and fishnet stockings. Basically dressed like a hooker.

She also did a runway show of some sort, dressed like Pam Anderson. Wearing a tight tight leather short skirt with no back and her breasts pushed out. If you saw a normal woman on the street dressed like that, people would give dirty looks and call them names.

So to call Christina classy now if far from the truth. Simply because she is wearing Marilyn Monroe makeup and copying her hair, doesn’t make her classy. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t give her an excuse for dressing how she does. Because on one hand people say “celebrities are normal people and they have feelings too” but on the other hand you will give excuses for her lack of clothing by saying “she is in the spotlight and her job is to dress up”. So don’t speak out of both sides of your mouth. Christina may have cleaned up a bit since her previous hooker image, but she is no way dressing classy or even like a normal person for that matter.

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One thought on “Christina Aguilera Is Still Selling Sex

  1. No goddess says:

    How sad because Christina is talented and has been really stuck on the Marilyn Monroe look that is not working for her one bit.More and more famous women are trying to morph into the next Marilyn with no success and are just adding themselves into the Marilyns Wannabe list instead of being known for their hard earned talent.I wish Christina were more natural those fake big boobs are too much on her 5’0 frame and the platinum hair needs to go and she should also embrace her brown eyes which she’s been hiding since star search with those fake blue contacts.Christina also needs to stop wearing that red lipstick all the time and drawing her brows in and she will win the public over again with a more natural look and her talent.

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