Christina Aguilera Is The Best Artist Of Our Generation

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Christina Aguilera is definitely the best artist of our generation. I am going to list some facts that make her the best. First off she has the voice of a angel beating the likes of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and especially Britney Spears. Her first album sold 16 million worldwide and won numerous awards and a Grammy. Plus she had more meaningful songs like ‘Reflection’ and ‘I Turn to You’.

Britney might of outsold Christina, but she definitely did not match Christina’s talent and she did not win a Grammy. Plus Christina was credited by tons of critics as being the better artist. She also broke out of the pop craze by producing a Spanish album that sold extremely well in Latin America and won her a second Grammy. Britney did not even win one.

She also produced a Christmas record that also sold extremely well and praised by critics. Her next awesome career move was lending her spectacular voice to the ‘Lady Moulan’ soundtrack that went to number one in 50 countries a feat that Britney has never done. The song also won a Grammy and is one of the best songs off a soundtrack in history.

Christina has also performed with many legends, unlike Britney who has only performed with Madonna, who Christina also performed with. The list of artists are Patti Labelle Brian Mcknight and Herbie Hancock.

Christina’s next successful career move was ‘Stripped’. It went on to sell 12 million copies worldwide and won her another Grammy! Off that album she sold more records then any other woman in 2003 something Britney has never done. On ‘Stripped’ were some of the greatest songs I have ever heard like ‘Beautiful’, ‘Fighter’, ‘Voice Within’, ‘Impossible’, ‘I’m OK’, and ‘Keep Singing My Song’. Not even the haters can say anything bad about these songs! They are great and they won praise from even the hardest of critics like Simon Cowell who praised it as being the best pop album that he had ever heard.

The album also gave her ton of publicity and she got the titles of Woman of the Year and Maxims hottest woman of the year! Her ‘Stripped’ tour was also one of the best grossing tours of 2003.

My next point is Christina’s advertising deals that definitely beat out any of Christina’s other rivals. Her most amazing was definitely the Coke deal that she made $70 million off. After that she she did everything from Mercedes to Sketchers to her newest which is Pepsi. With all of this combined she has earned over 100 million dollars. Plus another 60 million from album sales and concerts. That is definitely more money then Britney’s 100 million!

In the end Christina might have not sold as many albums but definitely has won more awards (Christina’s 94 to Britney’s 74) and she has earned more money. So who is the best now?

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7 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is The Best Artist Of Our Generation

  1. Rob says:

    I don’t know too many fascinating women like Christina that can actually sing or dance and pull off a combination of sex appeal, beauty and stunning good looks. She’s the Madonna of our generation, both a creative artist and a master of re-invention. She always keeps us guessing what she’ll transform herself into next. I can only imagine she’ll keep getting better while her career soars for years.

  2. Marilyn says:

    She’s become pop music’s modern-day Madonna, and deserves to be recognized as one of the best performers of our generation. Hats off to her for keeping it real and giving us good music, stunning performances, good interviews, and charm.

    I am very much looking forward to her new album, out in summer! YOU GO CHRISTINA!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!!

  3. Glorette says:

    Christina has sold over 42 Million albums worldwide with only 3 studio albums! And this 42 are just for albums! Her total sales (with singles) are more than 62 Million! THIS IS A SPECTACULAR FACT!
    Of course Britney sold more (relative), but with 6 albums… Britney sold 65 million with 6 studio albums, and 83 million are the total (Christina has sold more singles than Britney! Britney’s singles released are 32, while Christina’s are 15!).
    Christina’s tours always had more money than other female artists! And her singles performed perfectly on charts!
    But the most important…

    Christina Aguilera is the artist of this generation and of this decade! That’s a FACT!

  4. mauj says:

    yes that’s right she is the best in the world so beauty full amazing voice love her so much love you Christina Aguilera and but Britney Spears is god but not as Christina

  5. Alannah says:

    Christina is a LEGEND & the QUEEN OF POP music. She has the intuition to know what people want to see and hear, making her one of our generation’s icons. I enjoy listening to her music because it is refreshing and inspiring. Simply put, it makes me feel good inside. Much love, respect and appreciation for Christina Aguilera. She’s my favorite singer EVER!!!!

  6. Rebecca says:

    A Legend and the Queen of Pop music?…………………….
    That sounds a lot like mah-mah-mah my Christina!! That girl CAN sing and she CAN dance her booty off! She also has a great sense of style too, all about bringing sexy glamor back. I just adore her to bits, everything she does I adore! Basically she’s a unique super star that we’re blessed to have on earth! I wish her nothing but continued success in her career and private life. Hopefully I’ll be like her someday.

    Christina is the best!!!! Get set for the 2009 return of POP QUEEN CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jake says:

    There’s a celebrity woman for every man, and Christina Aguilera is my celebrity woman. She’s an amazing girl that can dance, sing, write and produce her on songs. Plus, she has those beautiful eyes, perfect hips, and a perfect body. She’s the ultimate package. CA is the hottest chick in the game and is great, just like Madonna and Janet. I LOVE U XTINA

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