Christina Aguilera Is The New Madonna

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is one of the greatest artists of all time. This is mostly because she’s always changing and growing. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of crap about Britney Spears being the new Madonna. Lets get things straight, Britney been doing the same thing for the past 5 years. changes her style and her music constantly. She keeps it fresh, Britney could learn a lot from her.

Madonna constantly changes her music and her style. She experiments with different looks constantly and her albums are totally different from each other. When she tours she always puts on a unique show, something no ones seen from her before.

Britney has stuck with the same tired formula for 5 years. With every album she just takes off more clothing and more of the tracks are filled with her moaning. All off her music is basically the same brand of gimmicky pop. She doesn’t experiment with new styles. Britney’s stuck with the same blonde hair and slutty outfits for her entire career. She can’t do the same thing forever.

Christina has many different sides to herself. She experiments with her music and style. Her latest album ‘Stripped’ shows her diversity. She can perform hip hop, pop, rock, and she can sing in Spanish.

Britney’s been doing the same thing forever, she’s nothing like Madonna. Christina’s always changing and growing, she’s far more like Madonna.

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5 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is The New Madonna

  1. Madonna fan. says:

    I’m sorry, Christina who? is that why Britney gets more endorsements, Britney has more sold tickets down to a single ticket than Christina has, is that why Britney Spears sells more records than Christina? Check your facts, yea, Christina changes but is it for the better, where is she? She went from Dirrty to lets be all jazz and contribute to 4% of her original 100% fan base. Lets switch genres, that’s smart. Look at facts, not whether or not she is “evolving” if Britney isn’t evolving and she still has the same amount if not more success than that’s how it is, Christina is NOT the new Madonna because she “decides to change her style” get real.

  2. xXRaditzouXx says:

    You got it right….CHRISTINA & MADONNA are the QUEENS OF POP…I <3 U XTINA!!!

  3. Marco says:

    Christina IS the new Madonna, Christina is the real deal. She has a wonderful voice, and she’s smokin’ hot too! A girl like Britney, who uses auto-tune, who doesn’t even sing live nor writes/produces her music, is no flippin’ way the next queen of pop. After Madonna, Christina will take the throne. After Christina, no one will…. MARK MY WORD: Christina will be singing for the next 30 years! Britney can’t touch my girl Christina. Christina is a better singer and a better performer, a better mom AND she writes her own music. Her energy and music will always speak for itself. Christina has a better body, better voice, and is a better person than Britney will ever be. Christina is everything Britney isn’t.. Brit-brit can NEVER hold a candle to Xtina. She beats Britney in all ways.

    Christina = The most sexiest woman in Pop. A REAL ICON. The Queen of it all!

  4. Christina # 1 says:

    Christina =
    .A+ Personality.
    .Stage presence.
    .Star image.
    .Great figure.
    .Singer / dancer.
    This is a true DIVA, description of an ARTIST. Everyone says Madonna is the Queen Of Pop, but I feel THE REAL QUEEN OF POP IS NONE OTHER THAN CHRISTINA <3

  5. Baby Jane says:

    Britney-is a good dancer! But I can’t stand her voice!All over the world Christina has most strong,beautiful VOICE,and she looks very hot,i want to visit her concert very much!!!

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