Christina Aguilera Joins Linda Perry Onstage In LA has a fan account of a person who went to Linda Perry’s show on Tuesday in Los Angeles: “As Linda completed her first set and was walking off with the band, she came back on-stage and said she forgot she was gonna do a solo number on piano, but, was having such a good time, she called out to someone in the balcony to join her if she wanted too. It seemed like a truly embarrased came on and said she couldn’t remember the song, had never sung it live, etc. and Linda told her, ‘Fu** it, it’s rock n’ roll. Who cares.’ They did a cool version of I think it was called ‘Beautiful’ that Linda wrote and will be on Christina’s new album and it was cool. Christina sang it straight up without her ‘how many notes can I fit into this passage’, and it was really a special moment (along with Pink’s). But the night REALLY belonged to Linda. and Christina were the whipped cream, but, Linda was the ice cream sunday.”

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