Christina Aguilera & Mick Jagger’s Daughter Battle For Pharrell

The Mirror reports Pharrell Williams got in the middle of a near cat fight between his girlfriend Jade Jagger and a drunken Tuesday night at the Sketch club. “Christina’s fancied Pharrell for ages and reckons Jade’s not good enough for him,” a pal revealed. “She thinks Jade is just a spoilt, snobby rich kid who’s far too used to getting what she wants.” A source added, “Apart from refusing to acknowledge Jade, except for when she was giving her evil looks, Christina, who was pretty tipsy, shouted things like, ‘Who is she anyway? She’s no big deal.’ It was all very embarrassing. Jade’s wary of any women who get close to Pharrell and she felt really humiliated.” After 30 minutes, Jade could take no more and threw an almighty strop. Pharrell then yelled: “I can’t be fu**ing with this,” before the lovebirds stormed off to his suite in St Martin’s Lane Hotel.

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