Christina Aguilera: Mistake After Mistake

Contributed Anonymously:

used to be a nice young girl who was very innocent and had an amazing voice. But ever since the Stripped era, she has gown downhill.
Mistake #1: The Dirrty video. It was a cheap attempt at looking sexy and to promote Stripped. Who goes in a short skirt showing their thing and groping woman in a shower for a video. She wanted something and she got it: ATTENTION

Mistake #2: Multiple Personalities: First she acted “slutty” for her first video for some publicity. She got it. Although Stripped only went to #2. Then after that wore off, the tough street fighter ghetto woman who hated men. Then the perfect, cleaned up Christina(which she later dropped for naked calendars, another desperate attempt at sales) All got publicity and she spent a long time on each so people would continue to buy her album.

Mistake #3: Her bad attitude: She insults other celebs and doesn’t pay tabs and tips. She looks really rude to insult people she knows nothing about (like Britney). She should mind her own relationship, and not comment on Britney’s’ wedding which made her very happy. Then she leaves and doesn’t pay bills or tips. How cheap! It is sickening to see a rich person be so rude to a normal average-working American.

Mistake #4: Acting like someone else: Her acting like Marilyn Monroe. She will never be her. She should be herself, and not try to be compared to someone and act like them so she will sell.

These four mistakes led to a horrible selling tour, two singles that didn’t take off, and also a lackluster selling calendar. She will try to come back with a “jazz” inspired album. Well, she better change that idea. No one wants to hear it. That was decades ago. Radio plays hip-hop songs and danceable. Fun songs, not jazz. She will go no where on the charts if she does this, and may ruin her career beyond repair. Hopefully she will make the right choices to get her downhill career back up and on the right track.

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